Spencer Radcliffe / R​.​L. Kelly Split : Brown Horse

by R.L. Kelly

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released October 4, 2014

7-12 all trax written and recorded by rachel levy with
special thx to
alex giannascoli: drums (the great big world), guitar/keys (i cannot)
spencer radcliffe: vox (the great big world)
warren hildebrand: master masterer <3
you: <3



all rights reserved


R.L. Kelly Los Angeles, California

gotta get that sad out

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Track Name: R.L. Kelly - I Don't Like Remembering Anymore
i dont know what it is im doing
i dont know what it is youre doing
you dont let me know
you wont let it show
so how can i ever know anything at all?

i dont think you think that this will ever work out
cuz where are you now?
youre not here
and that says everything
you and i are nothing more than how things used to be
i miss how things used to be
i miss how we used to be
Track Name: R.L. Kelly - I Cannot
i dont know what it is i see
standing there in front of me
all i know is that i am not you

i dont know what it is ill do
when im starin back at you
im kinda scared ill lose my mind like last time
like the last time

i am not like you
Track Name: R.L. Kelly - Wake Up
dont let it matter at all
its not your fault
i know what it feels like on the floor
what it feels like

they wanna hurt you
because theyre hurting too
dont let em inside your head
they'll take control of everything youve ever loved and did or wanted to be

doest matter what they said
cuz they are fucking dumb
dont let em get you now
youre the coolest kid around
Track Name: R.L. Kelly - Again
i cant get ya out of my mind
even after all this time
youd think id learn my lesson
but im coming back again

and will i always fall back down?
or will i stand up on the ground

i am alone again

and i cant tell anyone
the things i really want
cuz then theyd know the truth about me and how im a loser
and how i live inside well its eating me alive

i am alone again
Track Name: R.L. Kelly - The Great Big World
i dont say what i oughta
i dont say what i wanna

watch the dog play with an orange
roll across the floor
act like youre mad

i dont want all this time that youre giving me

sleep on the couch face full of cards
burn down your house
dont try to laugh

i dont understand what i oughta
i dont understand what i wanna

laugh like you cared
laughed cuz i was scared

and the great big world keeps spinning