Life's A Bummer

by R.L. Kelly

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Amber Tucker
Amber Tucker thumbnail
Amber Tucker a complex collection of songs: poetic yet brutally honest lyrics, gentle & almost mesmerizing harmonies. beautiful and easy to listen to. when i'm bummed by life (and that happens A LOT) this album is one of the precious few things that makes me feel less alone. i am infinitely thankful for this. Favorite track: Woke Up Feeling Sad.
Mister Meows
Mister Meows thumbnail
Mister Meows Lo-fi, sad, introverted pop that's perfect for a melancholy afternoon. The lyrics are simple & honest. R. L. Kelly's style isn't new, but it's excellently done. More, please. Favorite track: Familiar Haunt.
David Barnes
David Barnes thumbnail
David Barnes beautiful voice, lyrics and chord progressions make my spine tingle and hairs stand on their end! like being gently kissed on the back of my neck! Favorite track: Familiar Haunt.
Valois thumbnail
Valois Warren sent me this one, and it's charming!
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sometimes life's a bummer but it's all good baby


released February 19, 2013

cassettes are available thanks to Orchid Tapes
(comes with tape, stickers, pins, sad feelings, happy feelings, etc.)

mastered by warren hildebrand

thanks to all my best friends
i love you infinitely



all rights reserved


R.L. Kelly Los Angeles, California

gotta get that sad out

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Track Name: You're Not The Only Monster From Hell
death has a friendly face
let the pain be
mind bent ever so slight
let the pain be
hold on tight to what's not mine
let the pain be
this is the wisdom of the slave-
let the pain be

you're not the only monster from hell

day and night, got the glooms
let the pain be
ransom is the road i take
let the pain be
the flowers all grow to die
let the pain be
this is the wisdom of the slave-
let the pain be

you're not the only monster from hell
Track Name: Change (Alex G Cover)
How are you today
i saw your friends band play
a little show last night
its not my thing they were alright
youre in my dream last week
id like to hear what you think
we passed a house driving fast
the sun was shining on the grass
you made me stop and leave the car
you pulled my sleeve but not too hard
remember when you took too much
i didnt mind being your crutch
we loved you then
its not the same

i dont like how things change
Track Name: Familiar Haunt
i hate my mind and im stuck here in it
and i dont know what ill do but ill probably quit
cuz everything that i love i turn into shit
and that makes me sad and im not really mad
i just dont understand why i am who i am
and why i dont do evrything that i can
to make myself better and be a good friend

stuck here in nothing thats my own fault and preference
being alone is nice and depressing
but really im sad cuz i know im the best of the worst
knowing what i am makes me sad and just really hurts
Track Name: Woke Up Feeling Sad
everywhere we go it's all a lie
livin ain't so easy when yr not alive

how it hurts to change

how it hurts to change when everything is not enough
if it's the thought that counts well count me out
and when i close my eyes it hurts the same

how it hurts to change
Track Name: Life's A Bummer
things get hard when yr hearts not there
and if u die u never know why
and maybe u dont care

im givin up hopin' i will get the things i need
life is a bummer
wish i could give a fuck but im too broken
life is a bummer

i had a dream and u were there
i woke up feeling sad
fell asleep to try and find u
got lost inside my head

sit around and wait to die
while nothing happens, no one tries
pull this trigger on my mind
cuz life's a fucking bummer

life is a bummer